Pet World Center Co.,Ltd. was established on December 8, 2000. Before establishing the company, Miss. Sumalee Silapakul, the company founder, has been in the pet business for almost 10 years. She has seen the potential of the pet business that is continuously growing, which can be seen from the increasing popularity of pets especially dogs and cats. In those days, most pet products were imported from foreign countries that very expensive and the main ingredients were chemicals. The company realized the importance of meeting the needs of the domestic market and helping Thai farmers. For these reasons, Pet World Center aims to produce safe, high-quality and reasonably-priced products by using main raw materials from Thailand, which is already famous for herbs and natural extracts. Since pets are not just pets, they are lovely and royalty as one of our family members.

We have carefully selected medical supplies for beloved pets, especially for the pet’s health, such as supplements, immunomodulators, shampoos, cleansers, accessory and others that helps pets get healthy and improve quality of life in order to stay with their owners for a very long time.

Pet World Center Co., Ltd. has been in pet business for more than 20 years. We are well-known among pet owners, animal clinics, animal hospitals and pet shops. From the past, the company, under the management of Sumalee Silapakul, has received positive feedback from consumers. The company’s products under the brand “Petme” is a brainchild of a team of professional veterinarian. Petme product is natural and made from organic extract, which is safe for pets and the environment.


The company continuously researches and develops pet products. The team works happily and conduct business with honesty, sincerity and social responsibility.


Be a leader in products, research and services in order to continuously meets the needs of customers.


1. Build a great teamwork

2. Continuously develop new products for pets.

3. Build relationships between the company and customers as well as consumers by continuous communication and development of marketing strategies and services.


Petmore: Pets are more than just pets

Sumalee Silapakul

Managing Director

Pets are the best friends of people. Make people lively, cheerful, so we invent the best things for our dear friends that developed from nature which is safe with pets and the environment.

Nichanan Phumphothong

Sale & Marketing Manager

The dog is the best friend, honest, loyal, like family. Therefore, we care to choose the best for him. Avoid chemicals that can make him sick.

Thanathmon Satavanitpong

General manager

Pets are like a little kid in our family. They are a good friend and can help treat some patients. They are a member of our family even not only pets. We always choose the best for them.